December 9, 2014 kodesites

Trust in your Digital Presence

We put trust into everyday things. We trust the name of the car we drive, and we trust the company that built our oven at home. We trust our employees to do their jobs with passion and diligence, and we take our Friends at their word.

Our experience with something or someone will affect our level of trust. But think about it, these experiences are momentary in everyday life. We’ll see a friend for a moment, or a few hours, and then they’re gone, only to be found on Facebook. But our online presence, which is observed and read by Google everyday, is constantly up and running. And this idea of trust, should be applied to our online relationships.

You see, our websites and Search Engines talk to each other all the time. It’s an interesting sort of language, but a language all the same. There’s things that Google looks for in a website, and there’s ways to make Google happy.

The easiest way to nurture a great relationship between your website and any search engine, is to remain Trustworthy. Build trust online in the same way you’d build trust outside of the Web.
Converse with your customers through your site. Be interesting. Help your clients as much as you can. Update your friends and Colleagues on your news regarding your business through Social Media.

Be a true online Personality with your Brand and you will see your Digital Presence prosper!

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