Did you know 91% of all U.S. Citizens have their mobile devices within reach 24/7?

This means that customers are that much closer to finding you when they want services like yours.
It’s very important that our clients’ websites show up everywhere. From a mobile device, to a Computer, or on a Television.


Responsive User Interface

App Development

Brand Identity


We always try to create welcoming spaces within our homes…

Why not online?

Building a website is becoming more and more like building a real place. A place that people can enter, and learn more about us and our services.
We always try to create welcoming spaces within our homes, so that they will be places of gathering for the ones we care about. At KODEsites our process of creating a website is very similar.

$8.5 billion dollars was spent on Online Marketing in 2013. This is projected to quadruple to $31.1 billion by 2017..

 A responsive, well-designed Website is one of the most important aspects of your Online Presence. It is still the most utilized tool to discovering new prospects online.

You want prospects to find what they are looking for comfortably, and efficiently.
We design and build websites that people love to visit. Quick, easy to navigate and beautiful.


KODEsites, your online presence solution.

Big or small, we have a solution for your online needs. Our attention to detail and love to help people with their vision is uncompromised.