The web helps us communicate effectively and quickly. It is refined every day to bring more relevant results to users. By finding the websites that are most engaging we have a better overall online experience. Social Media is the future. We ‘Like‘ our friends’ things, and ‘Pin‘ things we’re interested in. The words “Comment“, “Subscribe“, “Blog“, and “Tweet” have taken on an entirely new meaning. We are able to communicate with our target audience now in a way that has never been done before.

Search engines constantly send out crawlers that search for online presences which are social, engaging and well presented. Just like that person who is the life of the party. To know the future of success on the web is to know how to communicate to your customers in the most personal way. Social media and marketing with it presents powerful ways of displaying yourself as an authority in your business niche. People enjoy doing business with pleasant, conversational people. So should your website be. Let’s help you get there.



Some of the services we provide include, but are not limited to:

An Active Online Presence on Social Media Platforms

We post your company news, offers and promotions, timely industry info, blogs, and other content on your social media pages. We follow and link with prominent leaders in your industry and establish you as an authority. We actively monitor your presence among people who are interested in your business niche.

Regular Engagement with Audience

We respond to people who engage with you on social media and interact with relevant groups and pages. We post questions, polls and other content designed to get a conversation started on your page. We share your content and look for different forms of sharing (Likes, Shares, Retweets, Tagged Posts). You can provide your handle and we can post content on your behalf.

Constant Analysis

Your social mentions and interactions grow as your social media campaign is built. We scan Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google plus for comments about your business so you can share the good, lessen the gravity of the bad, and interact with those who take time to mention your business on social media platforms.




KODEsites, your online presence solution.

Big or small, we have a solution for your online needs. Our attention to detail and love to help people with their vision is uncompromised.