Brand Identity


The process of Branding or Rebranding a business is always an exciting part of the online journey.
Discovering the perfect way to Present who you are through a Logo and/or Slogan is a very personal experience.
The Arches of McDonalds weren’t very iconic when first thought up.
Everybody knows who the Siren is on the Starbucks Logo.
And all of us have spent a day waiting to see that brown UPS shield on the side of the truck with our package.

It’s the same as somebody remembering your Face after having a conversation with you.

Brand Identity is one of the most important aspects of your Digital Presence.
It’s the aftertaste of your customers’ experience with your business.
And it’s what they’ll tell their friends about!

At KODEsites, we take Brand Identity very seriously. And more, we LOVE branding.
Bring your vision and bright ideas to us, and we’ll bring them to life!

Let’s give your Clients something special to talk about

KODEsites, your online presence solution.

Big or small, we have a solution for your online needs. Our attention to detail and love to help people with their vision is uncompromised.