November 25, 2014 kodesites

Catching up with the Internet

We live in a world of increasingly exciting discoveries. Everyday, we uncover a new gadget, or we present a new feature. We are connecting the entire globe in thousands of different ways. Our existence has splashed from the physical world, into the world of the Web. Everything we do, is online. Our presence online does not sleep. Our pictures are always up, and our comments and words stay where we left them. Our statements about our lives, and the way we feel about something will always be visible.

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.
-Christopher Columbus

As fantastic and beautiful this new age we’re living in is, our businesses still exist. Our livelihoods and daily motions go on. So we need to realize what the internet is, and use it to our benefit.
It’s truly amazing to begin to see the very horizon of movement in the digital world. To be able to see where the future of Search Engines is going and the Internet as a whole.

Co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, said that the perfect search engine is something that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.”
At KODEsites, we think it is absolutely Crucial that we remain on the cutting edge of search. It is necessary to understand the internet and to some extent, personify it.
The goal of creating a Search Engine is to craft a personality that understands and responds in the same way a knowledgeable human would. Instead of carving the statue that is Google out of marble, it is built with code and algorithms.
Each month, these Algorithms are changed 40-50 times. Most of these changes are too minor to notice, or they have nothing to do with your particular Niche. But sometimes, a change to the Algorithm will drastically affect our website and possibly decrease our power in Ranking…. If we’re unprepared.

1. Always be personal.

Always stay true to who you are. Your website, your blog, your overall Digital Presence. People need to walk in to your page in the same way that you’d have them walk into your house or your storefront.
How would you like your entryway to make them feel? How easily can they find what they’re looking for, after they set foot through the door, or as soon as they’ve clicked their mouse?
If we want people to truly like us for who we are, then we have to be that- Who we are.
Stay true to who you are, (Your Business Vision, your Personality, your Goals) and your site will catch up with your reputation! Make your website another reason for people to want to know who you are.
Make it engaging, make it fun and make it personal.

2. Always be informative

As humans, we love learning something new. Naturally, we surround ourselves with people we can learn from. (Or those we can instruct.)
A relationship with someone whose life does not go through some sort of change will feel bland very quickly. And a relationship with a Business or Organization that does not update its Clients is no relationship at all.
When you have a Presence Online, It’s important to provide information that is informative. As well as being entertaining, you need to be able to teach your target audience about something everyday. Something they can share with their facebook friends, or something they can use as a conversation starter. Informing your audience about something gives you a chance to start up conversation and raise questions. This is the type of interaction that Google and most search engines scan for every single day.

3. Always Be

Is your Digital Presence Inviting and Welcoming? Is the address visible? Is the floor swept? Perhaps it look like nobody lives or works there at all?
We need to remember that our Websites, Blogs, and Social Media platforms are looked at every single day. You need to try very hard to remain just as active on the Web as you are in day-to-day life. Because the Web IS day-to-day life.
If we lose sight of this, then our Digital Presence appears stale. Almost like someone who is asleep. But if we keep this in everyday mind, we will always be exactly what a Search Engine is looking for…..

The most relevant answer to the Visitor.