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We believe a diverse range of talents and personality brings the best creative skills and ideas to the web. With the internet growing exponentially, building and sustaining a successful digital presence requires a strategic approach. Let us help you build your way to the top and stay there!
With KODEsites, professional writing, content marketing, designing, developing and analysis is at your whim.
We drink coffee, watch good movies, and we're human just like you. 
What are your goals? What part of your online journey can we help with?
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 Our Services

Web Design / Development

A great website is the start of a business relationship. Using the very latest technology, we can build your vision from the ground up. So when your target customer arrives at your site, they’ll quickly find exactly what they were looking for. A responsive User Interface, registration components, e-commerce solutions and integration of third party software are just portions of what we can accomplish together.

Search Engine Optimization

Complete on-page SEO setup, Social media integration, Pay-per-click management, Local listings and directory inclusion. We take into account our client’s target prospects using a thorough keyword research process. Then, we use those keywords to help our client achieve the rankings they need in search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engines are updated frequently.  (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN)

There are many factors that change when these updates are made, and it’s our job to keep up with them. People are searching for your type of business as you read this sentence. Let’s help them find you!
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Social Media is the future of the Web. Through management of multiple social platforms, we post, analyze and maintain your digital presence via interaction with your target audience. People love to know who they work with on a Personal level. We enhance your clients’ experience through engagement and true person-to-person conversation.
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